End of Life

The death of someone we love is always a difficult time in our lives. Support and understanding from those around us during this time is very important. It is a time to be able to honor loss and separation through sharing memories and recognizing all that your loved one has meant to you.

One way to do this is by choosing to create a personalized funeral or memorial ceremony in which you can authentically acknowledge the deceased's loss, and honor their life, values and contributions while meeting the needs of family and friends in a meaningful and moving way. I will work with you to create a funeral or memorial ceremony that includes individually chosen religious or non-religious readings, music and solemn rituals. You will be able to pay tribute to your loved one and begin the internal process of healing for yourself.

Living Memorial


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Funerals & Memorials

$100 to $350

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Miscarriages & Stillborn


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All ceremonies include an initial phone contact,  face to face meeting, a customized

ceremony in English, Spanish or both and travel up to 50 miles r/t ($.50 per mile above that)

10% Military Discount