Transitions & Blessings

Living life fully opens us to a wide array of experiences. We undergo many transitions. Grace and recovery happen. Joy, heartache and separation occur, too. In the face of profound change, enacting ritual or ceremony helps us meet it with awareness and care.

These transition points may involve change at individual, family or organizational levels. Most likely, they involve passing through an anxiety filled time into a more contented way of life.

 Greeting major change with a set of rituals or a ceremony may help you melt away anxiety and welcome calmness.

what people say

The name change gave me an affirmation and confidence that I was looking at the time. I believe it had to do with the way the pastor conducted the ceremony as well as the timing it happened in. It was right on Easter celebration, rebirth time. Although I was just visiting at the time, Pastor Deborah, took the time to organize the ceremony and made it part of that Sunday celebration. That Sunday celebration was unique unlike no other; I felt like I was being born again getting that affirmation from God that I had been searching for. At that time my parents were not too supportive of me transitioning and doing a name change. Therefore having Pastor Deborah and the church members support me and celebrate this new journey, made me realize I was not standing alone.


God had just proved me wrong, although this was just the beginning and I was aware of the trials and rejection of society I had to keep reminding myself that, that Sunday God accepted me Jeremy Jasso as a new man in Progress.




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All ceremonies include an initial phone contact,  face to face meeting, a customized

ceremony in English, Spanish or both and travel up to 50 miles r/t ($.50 per mile above that)

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